The mission of the Early Entrance Foundation is to support educational programs that are specifically designed to permit academically talented students (ages 11-15) from diverse backgrounds to enroll in college as full time students, and to provide the support, guidance and counseling necessary to prepare them for success at the university level. The Early Entrance Foundation (EEF) carries out its mission by: providing outreach, recruitment, and counseling to all high achieving students and their parents, with special emphasis on minority and under-represented students; encouraging social responsibility among the students and graduates; and promoting the expansion of similar radical acceleration alternatives nationwide, specifically early entrance to college programs.

The Early Entrance Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2004. It is a working group of parents, alumni, students, and friends committed to the support of early entrance programs.

CSULA EEP students at Catalina Island with Director Rich Maddox

Student Profile

The EEF serves to support a specific and valuable portion of the young student population whose need to study at the university level is not addressed by the established educational system. Academically talented students often require a more challenging and focused scholastic environment, without the drill and repetition, than is offered by secondary schools. These young students benefit from a setting in which they can associate with their intellectual peers.

These academically talented students may explore their intellectual curiosity and receive an appropriate and balanced education while also enjoying the benefits of a university in an atmosphere and a population of like-minded young students. The resulting kinship encourages more than academic excellence; it removes the stigma so often attached to giftedness by creating a place where these young students can develop and flourish together.

Early Entrance Programs (EEPs) provide the opportunity for these highly gifted students to begin their college studies early, and offer them the support, guidance and counseling necessary to prepare them for success at the university level. Most of the EEP students bypass high school, and for many students part of junior high school as well.


These students pursue their baccalaureate degrees as full time students at the university level. Upon graduating, EEP students have attended graduate programs at many top universities including but not limited to Harvard, Yale, Duke Medical School, Dartmouth, Vanderbilt, Cornell, Columbia Law, NYU, Georgetown, Cal Tech, Johns Hopkins, USC, Washington St. Louis Medical College, Thomas Jefferson Medical School, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Brown and all UC campuses including UCLA and Berkeley. EEP alumni maintain a close relationship with the program and its current students, often providing guidance and advice.