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Issue 12: Winter 2008 Quarter - January 2008

EEP Names in the News

SPACE NEWS -- no news! The update on the new space is that we still are not sure. The EEP move to a new location in King Hall (the original EEP home by the way) is still in the works, but nothing is definite. It will take a huge community effort to move so be on the lookout for more news and information from Rich sent through email (or via your EEPster!). PEEP patience and help will be requested/required -- Rich sends his thanks to all PEEPs now and later!

Rich and the gang at the Science Museum
Honors College. The EEP will be included in the university's planned Honors College of the future. This is an exciting new development in the works. Rich should have more information to share at our next WPCT/PEEP meeting, Sunday, April 13th.

EEPsters in the News! Congrats to the following who are just a few of our amazing EEPsters. Please email Rich if your EEPster's accomplishment was overlooked, so it can be included in subequent newsletters!

Contact EEPC for serious tutoring!
The Teaching Company Dvds. All EEPsters should be aware that EEP now has the complete set of math dvds from The Teaching Company -- algebra, geometry, calculus and the Joy of Math and the Joy of Thinking. These are kept in Rich's office and can be loaned out to EEPsters for use at home. They are expensive, so EEPsters will be held financially responsible for their damage or loss if taken home. Visit the PEEP website for more information on the dvds that will be loaned out for free; visit The Teaching Company website for more information on all their excellent courses. Rich has some science courses available too, and there are more plans in the works once EEP moves to a new space.

Email problems. Due to clerical error, the EEP email rosters were updated with everyone's emails, but the freshmen PEEPs were overlooked when the emails were actually sent out. The freshmen EEPsters received all their emails; the freshmen PEEPs received none of theirs. This has been corrected, thanks to a mention at the PEEP meeting by PEEP Deborah G. To let freshmen PEEPs see what they missed, the emails were edited (to ensure privacy) and the ones that were deemed to be of interest (i.e., not time-sensitive ones, such as notifying PEEPs of the WPCT/PEEP meeting), were added permanently to the Yahoo Group page, so parents could read over what they missed.

an EEPC experiment gone bad? no, it's EEP L-O-V-E
EEP Fundraising and Fees. PEEPsters interested in joining a PEEP fundraising sub-committee are asked to email the Early Entrance Foundation. This committee is to be tasked with pursuing different avenues of funding including alumni. Another PEEP suggestion to help solve the overall funding issues of the EEP is an EEP student annual fee. This fee idea is at the discussion stage only so feel free to share your opinions by email to Rich.

Welcoming Committee. The need for a Parent welcoming committee was suggested, to consider other functions than the current PEEP presence at the EEP Small Group Meetings (for incoming freshmen and their parents each August) and the Fall New Parent Welcome party (held each October for freshmen parents). We love new ideas to improve the Program so thanks to the parents again for their suggestions! Rich thinks 3-5 parents would be ideal for this committee, task #1 would be to define their roles, objectives and the methodology planned to achieve these objectives (i.e. this task is less complex than it sounds by the way). Volunteers email Rich a brief note and heíll start the practice.

We Need Your Current Information! If you have changed emails or addresses or phones numbers, EEP needs your current information to make sure you can be reached for everyday matters and more importantly, in case of emergency. Please email EEP with any new information.

18 year old boys must register!
Draft Registration Reminder -- for parents of boys. Although there is no draft, and hasn't been for 37 years since the end of the VietNam war, it is still necessary for all young men to register for the draft within 30 days of their 18th birthday. Congress, however, has no intention of reinstating the draft. For more information, visit the Selective Service Bureau website at: http://www.sss.gov/when.htm. Note: not registering for the draft could jeopardize loans, scholarships and government jobs, as well as costing a fine.

PEEP Volunteer Opportunities. PEEP volunteers are always needed! Take the opportunity to get involved -- at home (computer work) or on campus (office help), as well as chaperoning and carpooling duty for EEPC events/activities. Or join in one one of the new committees planned -- social/welcoming or fundraising. And of course don't forget the biannual WPCT exam/PEEP general meeting (April 13th) and the May orientation for new Provies. Please let EEP know if YOU can volunteer by calling 323/343-2287 or sending a note to Rich or EEP.

Reminder: PEEP Website and Yahoo Group. The PEEP website is continuously updated with tons of useful links and information -- emergency procedures, summer internships, scholarships, news articles and more. Everything is linked from this one page, so please bookmark it! And our private Yahoo PEEP group contains a private PEEP roster with city and emails so PEEPs can set up carpools, or just get in touch with the parents of your EEPster's friends, as well as a history of Rich's emails.

EEF Financial News

2007-08 Annual Giving reaches $16,000! So far it's our best year ever, and it's far from over yet! The monies will (hopefully) be used for our new space in King Hall. As always, donations dated in December will receive a thank-you tax letter also dated in December, and, of course, all these donations go 100% to EEP and are 100% tax-deductible.

Donate your old electronics -- or we'll send laser taggers after you!
Electronics Recycling for Scholarships! The EEPC is preparing to launch a fundraising campaign to create an EEPC Scholarship fund, raising money through collecting and recycling used consumer electronics. Expect flyers soon asking for old: Cell Phones, Ink Jet Printer Cartridges, DVD Movies & Videogames, Portable DVD Players, Laptop Computers, MP3 Players, X-Boxes, Sony Play stations, Wii, Digital Cameras & Digital Video Cameras (DVRs), Digital Picture Frames, and Portable Navigation & GPS Devices (Garmin, Magellan, Tom-Tom).

eScrip is Easy! It's simple, it raises lots of money for EEP, it's free and it needs you! And even your friends and relatives! Just sign up your grocery cards once and EEP gets a percentage back on all the grocery purchases all year long! If you have no charitable organization specified on your cards, the stores just keep all the money. Sign yourself up online (click here) or email (jen.edge@gmail.com) PEEP Jennifer Edge for help. We're aiming for $1000 next year -- please help us out!

ebay Donations. Don't discard, Donate! PEEP Helene Chemel will convert your unwanted collectibles into cash for EEP on ebay through her i-soldit store in Chatsworth. Visit the I-SoldIt website for more information.

Upcoming Events for EEP Families

Winter Quarter 2008 Important Dates. Dates of interest for this quarter are:

Winter quarter starts Wednesday, Jan 2nd
Martin Luther King Day Mon, Jan 21st -- school closed
Spring Quarter Tuition due Wed., Jan 23rd - click here for form
Priority registration for Spring Quarter - Monday, Jan 28th
Winter Quarter Exams: Monday, Mar 10th - Thursday, Mar 13th
Spring Break (one week) - Friday, Mar 14th - Sunday, Mar 23rd
Spring Quarter begins Monday, Mar 24th

The 2007 outing to the Cutural History Museum

WPCT -- April 13th (revised date!). The semi-annual WPCT and PEEP meeting will be Sunday, April 13th -- PEEP Meeting 10-11:30am and Prospective-PEEP (test-takers' parents) meeting 12-2pm. Please come laden down with food offerings, as usual! Thank you in advance to all our wonderful EEPster volunteers and PEEPs! Note that there may be big changes in the works, as the WPCT may be phased out. Come to the April meeting for more information on future testing and outreach plans.

Volunteer Opportunities. Please get as involved in the PEEP as you can! PEEP still has many volunteer positions available, such as organizing October's New Parent Welcome, newsletter-writing, PEEP website maintenance, Fundraising Committee, Social/New Parent Welcome Committee -- please email PEEP Donna Hay at dhay16301@sbcglobal.net for more information. And thank you to our newest volunteers: Virginia Mushkatblat for the Yahoo Group and Jennifer Edge for escrip.

EEΠX Store

Yearbooks, Sweatshirts, T-shirts and More! We have it all! Just have your EEPster order one, and Rich will send home the item and a bill! With questions, email the EEP Club or call 323/343-5488 and leave a message.

Upcoming CSULA Events of Interest for EEP Families

Euan MacDonald "A Mosquito Under a Paper Cup in Tokyo"
Euan Macdonald: Composite. Euan Macdonald works in a variety of media to distill a particular experience or moment in time and present it in a manner that is at once light and comical, but also deeply profound. website, Luckman Gallery Sat, Jan 19th-Sat Mar 17th (Gallery hours: Mon-Thu & Sat noon-5pm)

Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminars - Physical Sciences 306:
"Characterization of Effector Binding Sites on PEP Carboxylase." Tues, Jan 8th at noon
"Biological Applications and Synthesis of Metallic Fullerenes." Tues, Feb 5th at noon
"Oral Delivery of Peptide and Protein Drugs." Tues, Feb 12th, noon
"Do Scientists Need Art More than Artists Need Science" Mon, Feb 18th at 1pm
"A Biochemical Look into Oil-Producing Microalgae as an Alternative Fuel Source." Tues, Feb 19th at noon
"Folding-based Electrochemical Biosensors." Tues, Feb 26th, noon
TBA, Fri, Feb 29th at 1pm
"Recent Studies on the T-cells Receptors and Expression of Genes Involve in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Disease." Tues, Mar 4th at noon

The Lloyd N. Ferguson Distinguished Lecture
Speaker: Dr. Sharon L. Hayne, E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company Experimental Station. Bio Sciences 144, Fri, Feb 8th, 1pm
Speaker: Dr. Jon Snodgrass, "Group Dynamics" Library North, Room 1015 Call the PepsiCo Leadership Center at 323/343-5270 for more information. Thurs, Feb 21st, 4:30-6pm

Jigu! Thunder Drums of China.
Luckman Season. Call the Box Office at 323/343-6600 for more information and prices, or visit the website.
Lula Washington Dance Theatre. Acclaimed modern dance ensemble featuring the works of Donald McKayle. Sat, Feb 9th 8pm
Winter Blues: A Blues Harp Showdown. Chicago meets Southern California blues harp in this blues harp showdown, with three of the blues harpís most exciting players: Sugar Blue, Billy Branch, and Rod Piazza and The Mighty Fylers. Sat, Mar 1st 8pm
Opera a la Carte: The World of Gilbert & Sullivan. Opera a la Carte has been performing rousing and delightful renditions of the Gilbert & Sullivan repertoire since its founding in 1970. Sat, Mar 8th 8pm
Opera Theatre. A concert version of Mozartís The Magic Flute as a prelude to the full performance in the Luckman Thetare in May. Mon, Mar 10th, 8pm (State Playhouse -- call 323/343-4060)
Jigu! Thunder Drums of China. This exuberant ensemble from China's Shanxi province brings a full company of 28 drummers, percussionists and musicians for a high energy performance deeply rooted Chinese traditions, combined with slick, high-tech production for modern audiences. Sun, Mar 16th, 7pm

CSULA Ensembles/Orchestras. at the Music Hall or State Playhouse (students $8). Call the Music Department at Cal State L.A. at 323/343-4060 for more information.
Small Jazz Ensembles.Arnay/Askren, directors. Wed, Feb 20th, 8pm
New Music Ensemble. John Kennedy, director. Mon, Mar 3rd, 8pm.
Jazz Orchestra. Jeff Benedict, director. Thur, Mar 6th at 8pm.
Wind Ensemble. Abel Ramirez, director. Fri, Mar 7th at 8pm
Afro-Latin Concert. Paul DeCastro, director. Sun, Mar 9th at 8pm

ECST Career Fair. Network with engineering companies seeking to hire Cal State L.A. students for full-time, part-time, and/or internship positions. Professional attire and resumes required. website. E&T Patio - Thurs, Feb 21st, 9:30am-3pm

For all events available at CSULA visit their complete calendar at http://www.calstatela.edu/univ/calendar/

Articles of Interest

Common Symptoms Never to Ignore - BottomLine Magazine, Fall, 2007. We all have little aches and pains. Usually we ignore them. But there are times when doing so can be dangerous—or even deadly. How to tell if that little "twinge" is a sign of something much, much, worse? Click here for complete article.

The Secrets of Birth Order - TIME Magazine, October 17, 2007. The importance of birth order has been known -- or at least suspected -- for years. But increasingly, there's hard evidence of its impact. Click here for complete article.

Dangerous Shortcuts Doctors Take When Giving You a Checkup or Physical - BottomLine Magazine, Fall, 2007. Doctors' offices try to cram as many appointments as possible into a day. And to get to all those patients, doctors often take shortcuts during the physical -- shortcuts that can seriously affect your health! Click here for complete article.

For a link to the index of dozens of articles Rich has clipped -- to learn about homework myths, MySpace safety, "crispies", "twixters" and much more -- click here!

Old Favorites! A Nation Deceived - a study summarizing 50 years of research on acceleration and its effectiveness - at this website http://nationdeceived.org/download.html and TIME's "Saving The Smart Kids" - a 2001 study found that 70% of kids who skipped ahead had no regrets. MENSA Bulletin "My Son Is A High-School Dropout -- and Proud Of It."

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